Classic Bow Hunting Safaris into Africa have become increasingly popular amongst discerning archers with species from Buffalo Bulls to Duiker now on offer. Previous strict constraints imposed by local wildlife agencies, especially in South Africa, have recently been relaxed after years of comprehensive and highly successful experimental trials. The advantages of enduring these exhaustive procedures are many - The Professional Hunters are highly qualified, experienced and technically competent with the advice they offer for tough African game, hunting methods, equipment limitations that have been tested and proven in the field, as well as legislation introduced by the Government ensures the ethics of the sport is upheld. Today, if you book with a reputable outfitter, hunters need have no qualms about finding themselves in an "experimental situation", especially on dangerous game hunts.

Hunters and Guides are proud that they have carefully selected exclusive areas to ensure maximum success and quality of trophies in their hunts. Strict zonation policies and area usage ensure rifle hunting is excluded in preference to the Bow Hunting option. A combination of the above factors and the expertise of our renowned Professional Hunters will ensure the Bow Hunter an unforgettable Safari of a lifetime.

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